Short Sleeve Guayabera vs. Long Sleeve Guayabera: Which One to Choose?

The guayabera is that classic garment that blends style and comfort while also offering versatility in its choice of sleeves.

For every occasion, there's a perfect sleeve. You just need to know them and use them to your advantage. Today, we'll teach you the ideal situations to flaunt a short sleeve or a long sleeve guayabera.

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Short Sleeve Guayaberas: The Freshest and Most Casual

The guayabera, as we told you, is an extremely versatile, elegant shirt, perfect for tropical climates. Wearing it wisely will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

If you're thinking of wearing a short sleeve guayabera, here are the perfect moments to do it:

Hot Summer Days:

This type of Cuban shirt is the only option when the temperature exceeds 27 °C. The freshness and comfort provided by this style make it the right choice to stay cool while enjoying summery weather.

Informal Occasions:

If the occasion is more relaxed and casual, the short sleeve adds a laid-back touch to your outfit. It's an excellent choice for outdoor events, informal work meetings, days off, or just hanging out with friends.

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When You Want a Modern Style:

A short sleeve authentic guayabera shirt is a more modern version of the classic long sleeve. With the former, you'll look fresher, can wear more accessories on your arms, and undoubtedly enjoy extra comfort.

At the Beach:

The short sleeve guayabera is associated with the beach and tropical vibes. 

If dressing well for your upcoming warm destination vacations, beach parties, or any event with a sunny atmosphere is what you want, a good short sleeve white linen shirt is what you need.


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Long Sleeve Guayabera: Maximum Elegance

Long sleeve guayaberas are a level above in elegance. Although, if worn in an inappropriate context, it loses the historical elegance that envelops it.

Here are the best occasions to wear a long sleeve guayabera in Miami:

Formal Celebrations:

A wedding, a work meeting, a bid, an elegant dinner? The long sleeve linen shirt will brilliantly elevate the level of formality to another level. These guayaberas are your best choice for an event you consider formal in the Caribbean.


Night and Outdoor Events:

A long sleeve white guayabera is an excellent decision if you want to bring your elegance to a warm, nighttime event. Long sleeve linen guayabera shirts won't let you down, especially if they are made by us.

Traditional and Classic Style:

The long sleeve highlights the traditional and classic essence of the guayabera. If you want a more formal and timeless look, the long sleeve is the perfect choice to showcase the craftsmanship and elegance of this Cuban shirt.

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What else should I consider?

A long sleeve or short sleeve guayabera shirt alone doesn't build your outfit. It's always accompanied by other garments that complement it.

Along with an elegant guayabera, you can pair it with pants made of the same material as the shirt in light tones (beige or brown, for example), along with a belt and stylish shoes.

Accompany your long sleeve guayabera shirt with cufflinks, Panama hats, and sunglasses.



The selection between short sleeve and long sleeve guayaberas is based on two things: the occasion and your personal style.

Both options provide a distinctive and elegant touch if you choose the right moments for each guayabera shirt style.

Of course, don't forget to be creative. Personalize your guayabera outfit with colors and accessories that represent your personality.

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