How to wear a guayabera for any occasion? Ramón Puig shows you

If you're a fan or enthusiast of both men's and women's fashion, you've surely considered incorporating a guayabera outfit into your daily life as a great idea to complement your amazing wardrobe.

Believe it or not, you're not alone. Wearing a havana shirt is a fantastic option that has gained strength over the past eighty years, especially in countries with tropical regions where heat is abundant and you need clothing that's cool yet elegant.

However, this Cuban clothing, depending on the place and the event you want to attend, has different ways of being worn.

That's why in this article, we will teach you how to wear a guayabera shirt and how it can be adapted to your future events, if worn appropriately.



Guayabera Outfit: A Masterclass in Versatility



A guayabera outfit is a garment that you can wear in a range of situations, if you use it wisely, thanks to its versatile designs and styles.

It's well known that dressing well isn't just about finding clothes that "look good" or "have style." Therefore, two fundamental elements are required to wear this garment: finding a guayabera whose design represents our essence, and selecting the appropriate occasion.

Following this latter point, as Ramon Puig has been in this business for 80 years, we will explain how to select a formal guayabera based on the type of occasion.

For Casual Occasions:

To start, what is a casual occasion? Any relaxed and individual event. In other words, situations where our attire is meant to convey comfort, ease, and practicality to others.

These moments range from leisurely strolls in a park on a hot afternoon, casual hangouts with friends, and even going to work.

This is where the famous vintage Cuban shirt comes into play.

You can wear a short sleeve white linen shirt or go for more colorful variations with pastel or neutral shades. Additionally, if your personality dictates, you can opt for even more vibrant variations like light blue or pink.


The fact that it's an informal event allows us to be more creative in how we dress. Make the most of that idea and embrace the freshness of the guayabera outfit.

Important tip: Ensure that your pants and footwear go well with the guayabera shirt you want to wear. Accessories are not recommended for this type of event.

For Formal Occasions:

Things get a bit more complicated here. An authentic guayabera shirt can be worn in a multitude of important events that require a lot of formality: in a client meeting, at a beach or indoor wedding, during a graduation, and more.

The determining factor in deciding what to wear depends on the climatic conditions of the location and the material of the guayabera.

The best option in this case is to go for the classic choice: a white linen long sleeve shirt paired with beige pants made from the same material and without pockets.


Here, we present an example from our Instagram that you could use for a wedding with your kids in the style of Ramon Puig.

What if you don't have a white guayabera? Exhaust the options you have without compromising comfort. Pastel colors like pink and blue in a linen long sleeve shirt are not bad choices.

We offer both options on our website just a click away.


Learn How to Pair Your Guayabera!

A guayabera outfit has always been a symbol of elegance, comfort, and convenience for centuries. That's why Ramón Puig decided to become a part of that history and teach you how to dress for your upcoming wedding or hangout with friends in the tropics.

As mentioned earlier, the type of guayabera you wear depends on the type of event you're attending.

Here, the House of Guayaberas has put together a list of ideal combinations and things you must know to use a guayabera in Miami.

  • Pay close attention to the season. Authentic guayabera shirts are ideal in places with warm climates or environments. Make the most of it!
  • These vintage Cuban shirts are not accompanied by accessories like ties or blazers, they detract from elegance and create an odd look for future events.
  • A guayabera shirt should be worn untucked and not fitted.

If your event is a beach wedding, Ramón Puig advises wearing a long sleeve white linen shirt along with cufflinks on each wrist, paired with light-colored khaki pants made from the same material as the guayabera.

  • Casual moment? Don't hesitate to wear a short-sleeved guayabera with pants and footwear that match.
  • For a formal event at night, dare to wear a black guayabera shirt or simply go for dark shades.
  • The best fabrics for a guayabera outfit are linen or cotton – materials from which our Ramon Puig guayaberas are made.
  • Holiday parties also call for guayaberas. You can apply the same outfit from the wedding to dress elegantly for the 2023 Christmas celebrations.
  • You can complete the guayabera outfit with a light-colored Panama hat.
  • Preferably, the ideal footwear for a guayabera composition is moccasin-style shoes.


Final Details

Fashion constantly changes its standards and variations. Despite that fact, the guayabera represents a traditional attire that has endured over time thanks to its quality and distinction.

Whatever the celebration, a linen Cuban shirt always celebrates elegance and comfort. Wear it in moments that warrant your personality, so you don't sacrifice the comfort you enjoy while dressing for a special occasion.

Remember that Ramón Puig Guayaberas has various models waiting for you on its website and at its store on 5840 SW 8th St. in Miami.

What are you waiting for? It's time to enrich your wardrobe with a guayabera outfit.