How to Recognize an Authentic Guayabera Shirt?

Over the years, the guayabera has earned its place in both men's and women's fashion thanks to its classic and elegant charm as a timeless and multicultural garment.

Likewise, its popularity has given the garment its own identity, so a true guayabera must have a series of characteristics to have that authentic seal that we already know.

Ramon Puig knows how to identify an authentic guayabera shirt, and today we will teach you how to do it. Are you ready?

Here is a detailed guide to help you distinguish the authenticity of this emblematic piece.

What Makes a Guayabera "Authentic"?

What makes a guayabera unique is the combination of elements that turn a simple fabric into an elegant and formidable piece of clothing.

Here, we will tell you the characteristics that Ramon Puig Guayaberas considers a Cuban shirt must-have to be called a "Guayabera":

1. Fabric Quality:

An authentic guayabera is made from the highest quality fabrics. While there are versions made of synthetic fabric, an authentic guayabera shirt seeks natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, known for their comfort and breathability.

Details in the texture and consistency of the fabric are key authenticity indicators because these fabrics allow for breathability and are sensitive to heat.

Our guayaberas are made from cotton and Irish linen. If you want to know more about fabrics for guayaberas, we have an article waiting for you.


2. Traditional Design:

Guayaberas adhere to a traditional structure in their creation that has been functioning for centuries.

 It consists of a button-up shirt design with 12 vertical pleats on both sides of the shirt and 4 pockets on the front with embroidered panels.

Alterations to this look are considered reinterpretations of the piece and, therefore, non-original or imitation pieces.

3. Buttons:

Buttons on an authentic guayabera are made of natural materials such as bone or mother-of-pearl.

Pay attention to the details of the buttons, as their quality and appearance contribute to the authenticity of the garment. Properly sewn buttons are also a positive indicator of an authentic guayabera shirt.

4. Colors:

A formal guayabera comes in a vast array of colors. Light tones and some vibrant options are excellent choices you can find in the market.

However, the classic and most elegant color for this garment is white.

5. Brand History:

An authentic guayabera shirt is backed by brands with a long history and reputation in the making of this iconic garment, as is the case with Ramon Puig.

History favors us, as for over 70 years, we have been manufacturing guayaberas internationally, uninterrupted, under the label of "the king of guayaberas."


Our reputation precedes us due to our quality seal, which has led figures like Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, or presidents like Ronald Reagan to wear Ramon Puig Guayaberas.

Where Can I Get an Authentic Guayabera Shirt?

Quality guayaberas share the characteristics mentioned above.

Of course, it's no small feat to understand that over the years, Ramon Puig Guayaberas has developed its formula to offer you the best guayabera shirts at the best price.

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Recognizing an authentic guayabera shirt involves paying attention to the quality of the fabric, the details of the tailoring, the traditional design, the buttons, the brand label, and the reputation of the guayabera manufacturer.

Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be better equipped to acquire a guayabera, an indispensable piece in the wardrobe of every man and woman in the Caribbean.

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An universe of elegance awaits you!