Guayaberas: beachy button up shirts perfect for this summer

The guayabera has been given different names throughout history in various countries. However, there is one, a favorite among many, that stands out above the rest because it enhances the elegance and unique style that embodies the essence of these beachy button up shirts: the tropical tuxedo.

The name comes from the widespread understanding among the Latino population that it is the perfect attire for any formal event in the tropics, where hot climates with temperatures above 27°C prevail, and you need to stay cool yet elegant at the same time.

Whether it's day or night, at a wedding, a baptism, or simply a quick trip to the beach with your friends, having a guayabera shirt in your closet is the ideal clothing for the upcoming months as the hot summer arrives in Miami.

Is your closet ready for the heatwave and beach trips? No? Then stay with us in this short article because we will explain several reasons to wear a guayabera shirt from Ramón Puig this summer, the best guayabera in Miami.

Why wear a guayabera in summer?

In the world of fashion and men's clothing, concepts like "comfort," "style," and "elegance" are not always on the same page of the book. There are often one or more elements that are sacrificed to wear a garment worthy of admiration but comfortable for us.

In summer, especially, the overwhelming heat demands an outfit that is cool, doesn't make your body feel hot, and can be worn comfortably throughout the day while attracting the attention of everyone around you. That important task is fulfilled by an authentic guayabera shirt without any problem.

Elegant girl in a car and a boy posing with a long sleeve guayabera in the summertime.


For these hot Caribbean climates, a linen guayabera shirt, like these from Ramón Puig, provides protection against moisture while offering a pleasant feeling of lightness as you move due to the softness of the material.

An authentic guayabera shirt, like Ramón Puig’s, allows you to:

  • Enjoy the most important events of summer without the heat and humidity being a problem, thanks to the effect of linen in your shirt, while still receiving enough air to avoid excessive sweating.
  • Feel confident by wearing a historic and elegant garment that is also comfortable and soft to the touch against your skin.
  • Personalize your identity for the upcoming summer due to the wide variety of styles and colors that Ramón Puig offers in their guayaberas.
  • Be versatile and quick when getting dressed in the mornings because of the many accessories you can pair with your Cuban shirts for men.

Tips for wearing my guayabera in summer

Of course, now that we understand that we don't need to worry about the hot climate, the only concern will be how to dress and which guayabera is perfect for each event we may attend in the coming months.

For those new to wearing a guayabera shirt, it's important to know three fundamental things:

  • Guayaberas are not worn with jackets and ties. The garment itself provides the necessary elegance for your wedding, work meeting, or beach outing.
  • The guayabera should have enough space between the shirt and the body so that it doesn't feel tight and become uncomfortable or hot. It should never fit tightly.
  • Guayaberas should not be made of synthetic fabrics because, unlike linen, silk, or cotton, they feel extremely harsh against the skin, generate heat, and wrinkle easily.

Before getting dressed, we should ask ourselves: Is the event I'm attending formal or informal?

If it's a formal occasion, such as a beach wedding, you can opt for a beach long sleeve shirts in classic colors like beige or white, which never fail to demonstrate elegance and dominance in the space you're in. You can also pair it with linen pants that match the color of your guayabera shirt and a subtle Panama-style hat.

Now, if we're talking about an informal event, you can vary the formula a bit. For example, the short sleeve will be your eternal ally and friend as it makes your outfit less serious and more jovial compared to others.

White guayabera of Ramon Puig short sleeve

Regarding colors, we have a great tip for you: for an informal event, such as a beach date, you can wear bright colors with your guayabera shirt. In 2023, according to major agencies like WGSN and Coloro, the summer colors will be verdigris, pale blue, and lavender.

What does this mean? The summer will be filled with soft colors that you can incorporate into your upcoming guayaberas.

Color palette for your next guayaberas

You can accompany your next guayabera shirt with accessories or garments in those colors to create an incredible combination. The elegance that only a Cuban shirt can offer is at your disposal in the coming months!

If you want to explore the best and most exclusive Cuban shirts for men, visit Ramón Puig's website, a guayabera store in Miami, and order your favorite to start the summer with the perfect outfit.