Dressing for a Guayabera Wedding: An Etiquette Guide for the Occasion

A wedding is undoubtedly the most special day in the lives of many people around the world, due to the loving atmosphere it creates and the symbolism that accompanies the ceremony, whether civil or religious, for the couple committing to each other at the altar and the guests attending the celebration.

Now, whether you're the groom about to tie the knot or a guest at the beautiful wedding party, your attire for the day should be an indelible mark of elegance, formality, and presence on such a special occasion like a wedding! That's why a guayabera wedding outfit is the ideal choice.

Still unsure about what to wear? Don't worry! If you haven't made a decision yet on what to wear, here at Ramón Puig, we'll give you more than one reason why you should wear a guayabera shirt at a wedding. Stay tuned in this article if you want to learn more!

adult man smoking a cigar using a light blue authentic guayabera Ramon Puig

What should I know about a guayabera?

To understand what this type of garment is all about, guayabera shirts for men are a Cuban men's clothing item that elegantly and practically covers the upper body (similar to a shirt) for any formal event. It's also important to know that it is made with fine fabrics such as linen, silk, and, in some cases, cotton or synthetic fabrics.

For example, Ramón Puig, throughout its long history of making this cuban wedding shirt, has used 100% irish linen fabrics for its guayabera shirts, which is an ideal material for this type of garment because it doesn't wrinkle and isn't hot.

The distinctive style of guayaberas dates back to the 18th century and is known in countries like Cuba, the Philippines, and Mexico. Despite its longevity, the use of the guayabera is a symbol of perfect elegance due to its wide variety of cuts, colors, and sleeve styles.

These vintage Cuban shirts, especially those from Ramón Puig, are an ideal option for events held in open spaces with hot and tropical climates where excessive heat demands an outfit full of freshness. Therefore, wearing a white long sleeve for men is an excellent choice.


long sleeve white guayabera linen supreme Ramon Puig

Just to mention a few examples of its significance, Ramón Puig has dressed figures like Ernest Hemingway, actor Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, and former US presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George Bush in his guayaberas.

Wearing a guayabera for such a formal event as a wedding may seem like a risky choice. Don't worry, we'll give you more than one reason to wear a guayabera for a wedding!

6 tips for wearing a guayabera at a wedding

After all that we've discussed, you might be thinking, "Okay, but with so many varieties of guayaberas, which one should I wear to the wedding I'm attending?" For complex questions, there is always a simple answer. Keep reading to find out some tips to confidently choose the perfect guayabera shirt for your wedding. Join us!

  • Unique style, unique guayabera:

All guayaberas have something in common in their construction. They all have buttons, pockets, a large collar, and vertical lines on the front of the shirt. To stand out from the rest, look for a guayabera from Ramón Puig, whose embroideries and pleats match your taste and personality, as we offer various designs.

  • Synthetic fabric? No, thanks:

Due to the formality that a wedding represents, whether as a guest or a groom, we don't recommend wearing a cotton guayabera or synthetic fabric, as they can be hot and take away freshness from your body. Instead, opt for fabrics such as silk or linen guayabera shirts, like those from Ramón Puig, as they exude elegance and are quite comfortable for the wearer.

  • Accessories help!

To enhance your presence and the incredible style of your cuban shirt, you can complement your guayabera wedding outfit with neutral-toned moccasin shoes, a brown or black belt, a watch, a neck scarf, Panama-style hats, cufflinks, and pants made of the same material as your guayabera in beige, navy blue, or light gray colors.

  • Consider the venue

As mentioned earlier, guayaberas are ideal attire for tropical, open-air events with hot climates. Therefore, it's not recommended to wear them at weddings held in cold, enclosed environments.

  • Short or long sleeves?

Choosing between a linen shirts short sleeves or long sleeves depends on the time of the event. If the wedding takes place during the day and ends before evening, you can opt for a wedding short sleeve shirt for smaller weddings. However, if the wedding starts and continues into the night, it's preferable to wear a guayabera with long sleeves.


long sleeve white guayabera linen supreme ramon puig guayaberas
  • Which color should I choose?

This is likely the most challenging question due to the wide variety of colors offered by guayabera shirts. If you're completely undecided, stick to light colors as they ensure a formal and secure look for a wedding, such as white, cream, gray, or soft shades of blue. For such cases, Ramón Puig offers a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

long sleeve navy blue guayabera linen supreme Ramon Puig guayaberas


The wedding day has arrived! Final considerations for your guayabera

Before finalizing your decision on a guayabera, take into account everything we've mentioned above, along with an additional piece of advice.

The guayabera outfit has had a historical presence, especially in everyday wear in Latin America. They embody a fashion style that aligns with the traditional tastes of our parents and grandparents, inspiring elegance and a sense of versatility in men's clothing.

Wearing a guayabera for such a special occasion as a wedding will make you feel comfortable while standing out with your great style. That's why Ramón Puig, since 1943, offers a wide variety of beach wedding shirts for groom that cater to your style and preferences.

We invite you to visit Ramón Puig's website and explore our catalog of guayaberas for your upcoming weddings or equally special events.