Complete Guide to Caring for Your Guayaberas: Cleaning and Maintenance

You love dressing like royalty, comfortable and elegant, with vibrant colors and not a wrinkle in sight. That's why you continue to choose the guayabera as a personal statement in your wardrobe.

In this regard, although our Ramon Puig Guayaberas are of extraordinary quality, they require extra care to extend their lifespan.

Don't know how to do it? Don't worry! You're in the right place. If you want to know step by step how to keep your guayabera shirt as pristine as when you first got it, keep reading.

We will share some secrets about Cuban clothing to maintain the elegance of a Cuban shirt for men that only Ramón Puig knows.

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Learn How to Maintain Your Guayaberas

Just as fashion is considered by many as an unrecognized art, there is the "art of washing" to keep our garments in top condition for experts.

The first point to consider is how to wash the authentic guayabera shirt when it's dirty. The way we wash our guayabera will be crucial to its durability.

Let's consider the following question: will we wash our guayabera shirt by hand or with a washing machine?

After answering that question, let's see how each one is done.

Hand Washing a Guayabera Shirt: How Do I Do It?

This is the oldest and most labor-intensive method to remove impurities from our guayabera. However, if done correctly, it will allow us to keep the garment in top condition for a long time with its colors and folds well defined.

To start, you'll need a large container to place the garment, cold water, a mild fabric soap (or, alternatively, a neutral one), and a regular clothes hanger.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to hand wash your guayabera shirt in the Ramón Puig style:

  • Find the large container and pour cold water and the soap you selected.
  • Let the Cuban shirt soak in the container for about half an hour (30 minutes) without contact with any other element.
  • While it's submerged in the water, gently rub the entire guayabera to remove any impurities it may have. Pay special attention to the collar, armpits, buttons, pockets, and embroidery areas.
  • Then, remove the shirt from the container without wringing it out and replace the water with clean, soap-free water. The idea is to remove any soap residue from the guayabera shirt.
  • Carefully repeat this last process until your garment has no soap left.
  • At the end, without wringing the guayabera outfit, use a hanger to hang the shirt in a sunny area to dry completely.

Its effective cleaning will depend on the care you give it. So, if you need advice on how to care for your guayaberas, don't hesitate to contact us on our Instagram.

How to Wash Your Guayabera Shirt in a Washing Machine?


Before explaining how to run your guayabera shirt through a washing machine, we recommend that if you're going to wash other clothing along with your guayaberas, the amount of clothing should not be excessive, as it can cause wrinkles in the material.

Also, make sure that the clothing washed together is of the same material.

Now, read carefully:

  • First, before inserting your guayabera shirt, check that there is nothing in its pockets, and unbutton the shirt.
  • Put the number of guayaberas you want to wash in the washing machine using a delicate or gentle cycle to prevent shrinkage (be cautious with cotton).
  • Add a detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics and fabric softener to the mix.
  • After the cycle is done, quickly take out the clothes and spread them out in a sunny place to dry.

If you're wondering about the types of fabrics in guayaberas that Ramón Puig offers, we have a complete article that talks about just that. The best of Cuban clothing at La Casa de las Guayaberas.

Extra tip: try to wash your guayabera shirt in temperatures not exceeding 30°C and avoid using brushes.

Keep Your Guayabera Well-Maintained

Washing guidelines are essential for caring for your formal guayabera against wear and tear, but there are other tricks we haven't told you yet.

Ironing your guayabera shirt will help maintain its shape and quality in a big way.

Man-ironing-his-Ramon-Puig-guayabera (2).jpg

Ironing the guayabera shirt after each wash makes all the difference. Let us tell you how to iron a guayabera correctly:

  • While the formal guayabera is still damp, place it on an ironing board and turn the guayabera inside out to prevent any damage to the fabric.
  • Make both vertical and horizontal strokes following the lines of the shirt to smooth the material until you achieve the desired finish.
  • If you want to take extra care of the embroidery, pockets, and lace on your authentic guayabera shirt, place a cotton cloth over these areas.
  • After that, use a hanger and hang your Havana shirt in a safe place for when duty calls.

Also, try to use a steam iron rather than a conventional one for better results for both you and your vintage Cuban shirts.

Final Details: the Vitality of a Guayabera


In this article, we've taught you some tips for making your guayabera shirts last for years to come. It's up to you to apply them and turn your guayabera outfit into relics that represent you for decades.

Ramon Puig, the House of Guayaberas, is at your service all week. If you have any questions about what's mentioned here, don't hesitate to send us a message on Instagram or visit us in our store located at 5840 SW 8th St. in Miami.